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Welcome to Prairie Crane Inc.

Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Prairie Crane offers a wide range of crane and hoisting services for mining, industrial, commercial, and residential businesses operating throughout Western Canada.

The business values of Prairie Crane are characterized by our respect for our customers, employees,
environment and community.

Lifting Customer Satisfaction To New Heights

“Thank you so much to you and all the professional team you work with. The operator was awesome and brought some much needed knowledge. The job could not have gone better.” – Customer’s Testimonial

“Please consider this a letter of support for Prairie Crane (Saskatoon) as the recipient of the Sabex Award. Ardent Mills is a major supplier of flour, rolled oats, flour and bakery mixed products in Canada with our flour mill situated in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We have been milling flour for approximately 100 years. We have used the services of Prairie Crane for many years as they lift materials and equipment up & down and in & out our mill and grain elevator monthly. Prairie Crane is our corporate approved suppler for crane services for many reasons, of which I can share with you some of reasons why we only work with them to provide us this service.

Firstly, they are safe and have a great safety record. With safety being one of our core values at Ardent Mills, they represent exactly that. They are always thorough and offer leadership to our maintenance team and contractors who work at our facility. Their company goals match oin s at Ai dent Mills with safety being the #l priority. Secondly, their service is excellent. Their owners, office staff and crane operators are always courteous and professional, and we consider them part of our team or even more of a partner to accomplish our goals. With the many years of working together on projects, we consider them part of the success we have achieved. The other very important aspect of what Prairie Crane offers to us is how they respond to quick or emergency requests. If we require their service to hoist materials or equipment in our mill and need it done that day, they always find a way to fit us into their busy schedule so we can complete the work we are doing that day. Overall, their service is outstanding which is why they would be an excellent choice for the Sabex Award.

I am showing support to Prairie Crane to be considered for the Sabex Award as they represent all of the traits of a business we want as a partner. They do a great job of customer service with all of the elements a company like Ardent Mills looks for when acquiring outside services to support our flour mill.”

Gerry Hanke, Maintenance  & Projects Manager
Ardent Mills Flour Mill

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